Working With Startups Is An Absolute Joy

Every successful business starts with just an idea.

When Michael Marks opened his first bazaar in Leeds back in 1884 his slogan was “Don’t ask the price, it’s a penny”.  I wonder what his vision was? Could he have possibly imagined that his values, aspirations and attitude to work were going to be the foundation of a highly trusted brand?

10 years later he went into partnership with Tom Spencer and together they started to shape the Marks & Spencer we know and love today.

Spencer invested £300 and added his administration and accounting skills to the mix, perfectly complementing Marks’ flair for merchandise, selling and customer service.

In addition to the pricing structure the partners added the words “Admission Free” as part of their marketing strategy to encourage customers to browse without any obligation to buy. Something unheard of in the Victorian times.

The rise of the startups

The country’s startup revolution is not stopping.  Year on year more startups appear with the most amazing business ideas. 

For 18 months I’ve been working with a University’s growth programme.  During this project I have met and worked with the most inspirational group of people and held conversations I never dreamt possible when I was sat at my desk working for a corporate bank. 

With the support of the project, startups and established businesses seeking help to accelerate their growth are given marketing expertise, the use of the students for anything from 3D printing to market research and time with external experts – me included as a copywriter.

Passion and drive

I’ve worked with bakers, yoga instructors, app developers, wellbeing consultants, innovative dentists, makers of child cutlery sets, trike designers, architects, fashion designers, hip-hop dance troops and a host of others. 

All with different visions, different products, different services and different audiences but they all share the same passion and drive.  And it’s for this reason that I love working with startups – their energy and determination is completely infectious and all I want to do is give them my all and see them grow and succeed.

I need help with my content!

No-one is expected to do everything or know how to do everything.  I was the same when I started out. 

Just look at Michael Marks – he could not have achieved what he did alone. 

It’s natural to ask questions: How do I protect my IP? How do I do my accounts? How do I find someone to help me with my website content?

It’s OK to ask for help.

It was a joy to get to know the story behind every one of my clients and to share their incredible tales through compelling content for websites, brochures, press releases and any other form of marketing material that would strengthen their growth strategy.

Along came Brian

Someone I had supported through the University project got back in touch, this time as a client and not as part of the Uni programme.  Shona was to launch a new product, an AI assisted learning app called Brian.  It was early days for Brian, he was still very much in his infancy and I needed to get to know him together with his capabilities before putting fingers to keyboard. 

Helping businesses at brand development stage is always going to be one of my favourite roles as a copywriter as this is when I get to be the most creative.  I produced a character profile for Brian as I saw him which became the base of his new website.  I saw him as curious, incredibly clever, with a heart of gold and a determination to see his students succeed – just imagine your ideal teacher or coach and shrink them to fit into your mobile.

So, why have I picked Brian out amongst the array of other businesses I’ve supported?  Brian was different – he had something I needed – he addressed my pain points and solved a problem I had.

To keep on top of my game I find podcasts to listen to and articles to read. To keep myself motivated and inspired I note down links to articles which have been written with incredible skill.  When I’m out and about an idea for a blog post may pop into my head and I need to note it down quickly before I forget. Brian is my go-to app where I can organise these links and notes, he makes sense of my learnings and allows me to set my own goals. 

If you’re like me and you need to file your thoughts and links effectively I recommend you too have Brian in your life. 

To hear more about Brian and to see his amazing website visit Brian.

Shona, the brain behind Brian says: “We first approached Amanda for assistance whilst still in the start-up stages of our company journey. We had limited time and resources but knew our company persona needed to be right from day one. Amanda got to know our business, our product and what we wanted to achieve. She crafted a persona which provided a uniqueness to our company – which we desperately needed at the early stages – especially as we didn’t even have a product released to market and were creating a pre-launch buzz. Amanda created personality within our product, which was reflected in the web site as well as within our social media presence. In the long run it saved huge amounts of our valuable time and was budget well spent.”

It’s never too late

Did you know that the average age of someone starting out on their own in the UK is 42? I was a year out according to these results, starting Redwood Copy at 43 (with a very young heart though I’ll have you know!).

If there’s anything stopping you introducing your product or service to the world, write it all down. If you are able to find answers to prevent these issues from becoming obstacles, then anything is possible.  Oh, and if you need somewhere to store all your thoughts and ideas then ask Brian for help.  He has massively helped me!

Go for it.

Copywriting Services in Cheshire

And, if you ever need help from a friendly and professional copywriter just shout, I’m here to help you achieve your dreams.  All you need to do is ask.