Confessions Of A Startup

1 January 2017 was the start of my rollercoaster journey as a startup business.

I’m sure this story will resonate with others who have taken the brave step to go it alone. The concept of Redwood Copy started months earlier and I knew I had to get it right from the start, I did all my research and planning.

I thought I’d covered everything. I knew I was experienced and qualified to carry out the copywriting services I was offering. I loved my brand. I researched my customers. I worked out how I was going to secure future clients. I’d worked out my costings.

Then there was the admin to organise, the tax returns, the spreadsheets of incoming and outgoings. The list goes on.

New Clients, New Emotions

I was so confident I had everything covered. And then the work starting to come in. A good feeling surely?

Sure, it’s exciting when the briefs come in. In my first year I have provided content for Banks, Illustrators, Business Data Professionals, Independent Retailers, Authors, and Charities. I’ve even worked on projects with a candidate from The Apprentice. But I didn’t bank on my lack of self-belief; in my head I heard those feared words ‘You’re Fired’.

The Waiting Game

I would email over my content which I’d put 100% into. But when I didn’t hear back for 24 hours, maybe longer, I’d believe it was because they didn’t like it, they’d deleted it and decide to look elsewhere. This is a horrid stomach turning feeling. But, then I’d get the call to say ‘that’s great, just what we were after; please send us your invoice’. Phew …

But this emotion stayed with me for a long time. I continued to doubt my worth.

I can only liken it to a contestant on MasterChef waiting for John Torode and Gregg Wallace to comment on the food they have so lovingly put together. That toe curling pause before the verdict is given is a killer!

So What Changed?

In November 2017, 11 months after the launch, I was coaching on blogging, and the Director of a very successful company turned to me and said ‘Wow, you really know your stuff’. It was only then that I actually believed in myself. I really can’t answer why it took someone else to spell it out for me and why it took so long. I can only put it down to writing weekly Even Better Ifs for 18 years when working for a large corporation. But one thing is for sure, in 2018 I’m not going to doubt myself anymore … I got this!

My content is like those amazing dishes. I follow the ingredients carefully, research what works well, give that little extra to delight and most importantly put my heart into it.

My first entry in my 2018 diary was ‘Believe in Yourself’.

— Amanda