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I’m back on the networking scene after 18 months.  Why the break? Because I was working on a large project and didn’t feel the need to network.  How wrong could I have been. Neglecting valuable contacts and developing my network while I was busy was a mistake I won’t be making again.

Anyway, enough of my woes and let’s get stuck into this week’s blog.

Good to talk

For those who know me know I like to throw myself into the deep end – I’m not one for simply dipping a toe in. 

So this week I went to my first networking group in Chester run by Kirsty James, founder of The Colony Networking Group. In fact, I did more than turn up and network, I was a guest speaker. 

When Kirsty invited me to present I admit I did a little happy dance because sharing my knowledge is something I’m incredibly passionate about. It’s the reason I started Redwood Copy.

And on the note of sharing, if you weren’t there to listen to me speak, don’t fret, this is what I talked about.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing allows you to do four main things:

1.       Connect with your customers and potential customers

2.       Educate the reader

3.       Showcase who you are – tell your story and the ‘why’ you do what you do

When you nail these three things your customers and future customers will get to know you, like you, trust you and consider you to be the go-to expert in your field which allows you to smash number four.

4.       Influence purchasing decisions

Two key points to consider before writing

1.      Know who you are talking to.  Just imagine you are at a party. There’s someone there you know well and someone you don’t know. Who are you going to connect with better? Yes, that’s right the person you know as you can chat about common ground and feel confident about starting a conversation with them. 

Get inside the head of your ideal customer, know their pain points, understand how your product or service will help them and imagine how this will make a difference to their lives.  Is your product going to give them back more time, get them more money, improve their health, increase their confidence for example?

Now, picture your ideal client, what are they going to do with their extra time, money and improved health.  Do they like to travel, do they like cooking or spending time doing outdoor activities with their families? 

Only when you really understand your ideal client can you talk to them and tell them that you have what they need to achieve their goals. 

2.  Ask yourself ‘why’.  What is the outcome you are trying to achieve from a social media post, a blog or a newsletter?  Decide if they are purely informative, fun or is there an action you want the customer to take?

Linking your content material together

There are so many variations of how to link your marketing material.  Here’s a simple example.


Content marketing tips to takeaway

Keep it to the point.  TLDR.  In the industry this means Too Long Didn’t Read.  It’s always best practice to keep your content short – a 2 minute read is spot on for your busy readers. 

Keep the momentum going.  We all see Facebook campaigns where there is a ‘like our page, share the post and tag someone’ for a chance to win a competition.  I see this all too often where businesses see this as a complete campaign – they’re so wrong – this should be the START of a campaign.  When you acquire more followers ramp up the content and keep them interested.

It’s not about you.  Give your customers what they want to see, NOT what you want them to see.  I hate to break it to you but what your customers really care about is what is in it for them. 

SEO keywords and phrases.  Yes, they are important, so your clients can find you through a Google search but don’t fret over them, that could make things worse.  If you’re naturally writing content directed to your ideal clients then you are probably getting the keywords and phrases across naturally without the text sounded clunky.  If you want to slip a couple of keywords and phrases into every blog then that’s perfect.  But whatever you do DON’T repeat the same keyword or phrase over and over – the all-seeing, sophisticated Google beast will see this and disqualify the page.

The dinner party

I always go back to this analogy when I speak about all things content.  Customers and potential customers who follow, like, comment, read your blogs, download your ebooks are all people just like you and me. Treat them no differently than you would someone showing interest in what you do at a dinner party. 

  • Get to know them too

  • Show interest in them

  • Nod in agreement when they say something you like (just the same as a heart or a thumbs up symbol)

  • If they say something nice about you, acknowledge it with a thanks

  • When they show interest in your product or service – tell them more about it or offer to send them more information

  • Keep in touch

  • Ask what they think about your product

  • Don’t ignore them!

 I won’t go on, I’m sure you understand what I mean.


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