What’s A Copywriter? Shall We Get Rid Of Titles Once And For All?

I’m a freelance copywriter

When these words are uttered at the start of what could be a great chat, it can actually end the conversation before it’s even got going.  Every so often, especially at networking events, I get that look that says: ‘I think I’ll go over to see that person there – I don’t know how to talk to you’. Giving my actual professional title can be a mistake.

If you don’t know what a copywriter does, just ask, we’re actually a very friendly bunch of people.  But I get it, saying ‘I don’t know what a copywriter is or does’ can be a little awkward when you’re face to face with one.

Shall we do away with titles?

I’m all for getting rid of official titles – especially the ones where the owner thinks it gives them status or power over others.  Guess what? Titles don’t do this.

I worked for a large corporation for 18 years and to fit in with the pay grades you HAD to have a ‘pre-made’ title.  The titles handed out sort of made sense a lot of the time, but others just didn’t.  When I left the bank, my title was Operational Support Manager.  Great. What the hell does one of those do?  I never really did figure that one out!

What a copywriter is / does

I apologise in advance for the formality of the next 3 paragraphs.

What a copywriter does is write compelling, engaging content to help businesses thrive, to get more leads, to increase awareness and to ultimately get more customers. In a nutshell, the content we produce should makes the reader want the produce or use the service they are reading about.

A copywriter creates content for website, flyers, brochures, business blogs, ebooks, newsletters, direct mail, anything that involves words. It doesn’t have to be the written word either, us copywriters write scripts too.

To do this we have to get to know our client’s story, understand their target audience, be immersed in the brand and craft content to suit its owner and the reader. 

I hope that clears things up?

What should your title be?

Have a think about what you do. Does it match your title? If not, make one up or do away with it completely when partaking in your next bout of small talk. 

Fun fact

I Googled alternative job titles, and these came up. Ruddy love them all!

  • Captain (insert any term you like here).  I’d have to go with Commander, ‘cos it rhythms with my name.

  • Chief Amazement Officer (only for the bold – I imagine the owner of this title wearing red trousers)

  • Director of First Impressions (perfect for the ultimate receptionist)

  • Director of Smiles (anyone in customer services)

  • Digital Prophet (a predictor of trends)

  • The Big Cheese

  • The Boss

  • The Brains

  • The Braun

  • The Decider

  • The Shit (on a separate note and as a word-person, I just love the diversity of the word shit. You can give a shit. You can be The Shit. You don’t know shit. You can take shit. You can take a shit. So much more – what a wonderfully descriptive word we have created, albeit a little confusing at times!) Sorry, I digress.

  • Ambassador of Buzz (anyone who leads the way in employee engagement)

  • Chief Troublemaker (could be anyone who kicks up the dust – every organisation needs one of these)

Go on, give yourself a new title. Be bold. Make others smile – now that’s the best job of them all!


Commander Amanda, the writer of stuff (and occasional nonsense)