Dinosaurs Didn't Blog

Dinosaurs Didn’t Blog,

Dinosaurs Are Extinct. Just Saying …

Yes, I know the written word wasn’t invented until around 3200 BC and back then it was just a rustic form of pictogram. And even if Dinosaurs could hold a branch dipped in swamp mud to act as a writing tool their arms simply couldn’t reach the desired blank canvas. But on a serious note, blogging is big business and a marketing tool that could save you from becoming a thing of the past.

Times Have Changed

With ever growing social media platforms it’s easy to share your story with the world. Remember, all your potential customers carry mobile phones and can instantly find answers to their queries, find new suppliers, find the ideal present, find the perfect restaurant. So what if the blogs on your website had all the information your customers are looking for. That would be exciting, right?

More Than Words

Blogs are what you make them. Make them fun, make them serious, stir up a debate, create awareness, shout about your services, showcase your expertise; tell your story.

Blogging, done well, will benefit you in so many ways, here’s why.

They improve your Google Search Ranking: Blogs act as extra pages and increase the amount of times your keywords and phrases appear within your website. Google favours websites that are lively; adding blogs is a great way of keeping your website active. Your customers will also love that you are keeping up to date with the latest information and trends.

Educates your customers as to who you are: I love Brand Storytelling; it’s so honest and transparent. Your customers get to know you better; this forms a bond and trust. It’s true that people buy people and this will help you achieve a loyal customer base. We all have stories. Why did you choose the charities you support, what made you want to run your own business, what does a day in your life look like, is there an office pet?

Become that go to expert: Don’t be shy with your content – it’s time to shine. Your customers want the best. What makes you stand out? Go on, tell us!

Be A Bloglodyte

Keep moving forward and your potential customers will soon know you are out there.

If you need help with content and where to start, please get in touch.

— Amanda