Be Social

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
— Oscar Wilde

Social Media isn’t going anywhere, in fact it’s only going to get bigger. Love it or loathe it, if you are a business you have to join the party and throw yourself in completely.

If you were invited to a fancy dress party and you wanted to be noticed, you’d go to a lot of effort creating the biggest, boldest, funniest, most colourful outfit you could come up with wouldn’t you. You’d be the life and soul of the party; everyone would want to talk to you. And if your outfit is really good, you’d get all your drinks bought for you – bonus!

Social Media is the same. It’s one huge party where everyone is invited, more and more people turn up ALL wanting to be heard. So, how on earth are you going to stand out?

‘If You Stand Still You’ll Get Knocked Down’

This phrase has stuck with me ever since I heard it during a marketing training day. In this changing world it is crucial for businesses to rethink the way they communicate with their potential and existing customers.

Doing what you’ve always done is not enough anymore. Larger companies have deeper pockets and this will always be to their advantage. But, what they don’t have is a face, a unique personality, drive, passion and sincere interaction. Try to think one step ahead, and above all else, show your customers that you are human.

Be You

I recently read a case study about a family who started a winery. The father had dreamt of owning his own vineyard and producing quality wine. He took the brave step of relocating his wife and children to start over in a new country.

He found it tough. His competitors were well established and family run; their brand, spanning over generations, was enough for them to receive orders.

His competitors weren’t using social media, not even a hint of a tweet. Surely all he had to do was use social media and his marketing would be at an advantage, right?

So, he turned to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get the news out about his wine, the grapes he was using, the quality of the soil coupled with images of the sun drenched terraces. Alas, he struggled for any interaction except for his loyal friends and family back home.

He wasn’t doing anything wrong, he just wasn’t thinking differently.

As his followers were mainly people he knew he started to post messages as if he were chatting to friends. He put together YouTube films to share. These starred his family helping out on the vineyards and on weekend breaks. He noticed these posts were becoming increasingly popular.

His breakthrough was when he posted a film of him showing how to open a wine bottle with only a shoe. This humorous clip was reposted, retweeted, regrammed over and over. Traffic to his website increased and orders started to flood in.

It was clear that his friendly, quirky manner was refreshing and enough to win new customers. He was simply being him.

Get Ahead

If you are just starting on your Social Media journey or need to rethink your current marketing strategy it may be time for us to have a chat.

Don’t struggle with all the noise creating by social media.

You can’t afford to get left behind!

— Amanda