About me

I’m Amanda, a freelance copywriter and social media marketer from Frodsham, Cheshire.

We all have a tale to tell. The best part of being a copywriter is getting into the heart of businesses, to reveal their unique stories and to create content that their customers/employees want to read. During my 18 years of corporate marketing I gained so much experience in all things communications. But there came a day when I craved changed, I hankered for a life where my skills and knowledge could be used outside of the corporate world. So what did I do? I held my breathe for a moment or two, handed in my notice, jumped across the ‘leap of faith’ crevice and started Redwood Copy to support you and your goals.

I’m a copywriter with an invisible illness

Why am I telling you this? I can guarantee I am NOT sharing this very personal snippet of information about myself so you can sell me stuff (aka shit). RANT ALERT: When I’m at networking events and I tell my story which involves me revealing that I have Crohn’s disease it is not me giving a green light to anyone selling ‘health’ products to form a queue to get me to part with my cash in exchange for something that will …. get this …. cure me!

I tell you this because I have experienced what it is like to live with an invisible disease and work in corporate. It’s not easy. I have had good and bad experiences. I started Redwood Copy as I reevaluated my personal goals and values as a result of this disease, my mission is to support organisations with their employment engagement and health & wellbeing strategies. I write with passion and from the heart. I truly want every employee to enjoy rocking up on a Monday morning and leaving on a Friday feeling healthy and happy - in turn companies will benefit from increased productivity, improved engagement and ultimately a boost to their bottom line. Win win.

Keeping it real

With millennials and Google continually demanding new and exciting ways to be communicated to, and social media now an integral part of today's life I restudied with the College of Media and Publishing in 2016 gaining two diplomas to make sure I knew how to keep content fresh. One in copywriting and the other in social media marketing - a great combination. When you get to know me you’ll know that I always give 100%, so it’s no surprise that I gained a distinction in both (insert your favourite ‘smugly brushes shoulders’ GIF here).

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Why hire a copywriter?

Good question. Surely those working close to their products and services are best qualified to market their own companies. To some extent yes, but with a helping hand you can take that brave step further to achieve amazing results.

My zest for writing and your passion for your business will fuse to produce bespoke, quality content. My first port of call will be to get to know you, your business, your products and services and importantly your target audience.

Working together we can make your company grow tall, be proud and stand strong. A bit like a massive tree - now you know why I chose Redwood to be the name of my company.

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